The Guardian Angel from Borderlands: A theory

A being of legends

A being of legends.

With the second Borderlands game coming out on September 18, fans are getting excited, and I count myself in there. I mean, how can I not be excited? The launch is the day after my birthday. It’s almost as if it were on purpose; simply a great gift.

Anyways, onto the topic.

Borderlands is a great game. While many people may debate on the definition of fun, this is what it was for me: simply fun.

However, that is not what I’m here to discuss. I want to talk about the Guardian Angel, and my view of this being. I’m not saying that the theory is mine alone, I’m just going to expose my view on this topic.

Be warned though, if you have not played Borderlands, or are trying to avoid information about Borderlands 2, there may be spoilers ahead.

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