About the Blog

This blog is about random things; but mostly about videogames, books, movies, and whatnot. You will probably see a lot of crazy theories (not to be confused with conspiracy theories) about different things in here, which is one of my hobbies.

About Me

I’m just a writer in my late twenties that is hoping to make it someday. In the meantime, I enjoy life as it comes. Want to know more? Check my build up below! Made by me, inspired on the Borderlands skills’ presentation; do not steal.

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Reading: nothing like a good old book between your hands. Researching about anything that's interested her at some point, no matter the topic. Writing: Blogs, stories, settings, theories, chats (why not?). Singing: She can be like a jukebox, and start singing a random song when you less expect it. What do you mean sleeping is not a hobbie? Videogames: You are never too old for this. Bottomless handbag: Capable of eating or giving you things at will; sometimes things you didn't even know you had. Pen and Notebook: Because you never know when inspiration will strike. Ironman Shoes: that's what HE said. New World Compass: You can now leave the house and not get lost! Yay! Book: You never know where you might end up stuck for hours. Hair Strands: You just cannot outrun them. Day Dreaming: When hit by inspiration, boredom, or sleepiness, gain a 50% chance of staring into nothingness and into your own world. Trend Bending: She can slow time and catch up with trends! .. Or she just really doesn’t care about them, and catches up whenever she wants, and if she wants to. Theory of the Theory: Gain a high curiosity when interested by any kind of plot hole. Temporal Clutz: Gives a random chance of unavoidable clumsiness. Dreaming of Creation: Gives her the ability to come up with ideas, thoughts and solutions for certain situations.